Robin Hood Real Estate is an agency with a conscience that prides itself on its market knowledge, professionalism and honesty.

We offer a fresh and honest approach and extraordinary service levels that will inspire and guide you regarding all aspects of property sales, purchase and investment. Based in Adelaide, born in the country - we have a unique understanding and diverse knowledge of both city and country real estate. So if your property is anywhere in South Australia we can help you. Through collaboration with industry professionals, strategic partnerships and data driven insights we are able to offer you affordable services and customised packages that will deliver results that move you.

$1000 minimum from every sale goes to our vendor’s chosen charity. Donations so far include:

Leukaemia Foundation = $3,000
SA Dog Rescue = $1,100
Crestview Hostel = $1,000
Bordertown RSL = $1,000
Ronald McDonald House = $980
MS Society = $900
Rudall Community Sports Club = $640
Sevenhill CWA  = $640
Royal Society for the Blind = $365
Strathalbyn Kindergarten = $340
YP Puppy Rescue = $340
Wali-e-Asr Centre = $330
... and more to come!

Want to Fundraise?

We are a new business and would like to spread the word, so more people know how we can help the community. We are loath to giving money to advertising companies so just for the privilege of being able to speak to you all and have approximately 1 hour of your time, we will donate $20 to your chosen charity or community group for EVERY adult attendee. So if we can get 50 people together that is $1,000 – quite simple!


Why Robin Hood?

We believe Robin Hood is symbolic of our philosophy because we take from the greedy (the real estate agency - as that's a common perception) and give to the needy. Melanie Carmody, our Founder, could have put her own name up in lights and called the company Carmody Realty or something similar, but that is not her style.


Robin Hood Real Estate is a new agency with a conscience that prides itself on its market knowledge, professionalism, honesty and helping the community and we are all about helping those who help others. We are very different to every other real estate agency and are affordable but still generous.

We have 3 sectors of our business:

Property Sales: We donate $1,000 from our commission to the vendor’s chosen charity
Property Management: We donate the equivalent of 1 week’s rent to the landlord’s chosen charity
Property Investment: We donate $1,000 to the purchaser’s chosen charity

Our founder, Melanie Carmody, is a country girl who now lives in Adelaide and she is very passionate about helping people and giving them information that may change their life and in particular their financial future. She loves to speak to people about her business and in particular Property Investment and she is finding that lots of people are interested in setting up their financial future through property but they just don’t know who to trust or where to start. People are often reluctant to take the first or even next step due to not understanding how property investment can be simple and achievable. Often they are unaware of the tax benefits it can provide and they just think it is impossible. Robin Hood Real Estate can help simplify the process and can show people how it is very easy to get involved in property investment with very little effect on week to week cashflow.

It will purely be an information session and there is absolutely no hard sell or pressure on the night and it could be a great fundraiser. However, if someone should choose to use Robin Hood Real Estate down the track and purchase an investment property (they have access to great off market stock all over Australia), a further $1,000 will be donated to your chosen charity or community group for every sale.

As mentioned, it is FREE for everyone to attend – all we ask for is your time, which we know in today’s busy society is very precious. Come along, bring a friend and hear what we are about. You may learn something yourself and at the very least you will be helping a good cause!


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