Why engage a Buyer's Agent?

Five reasons to engage a buyer’s agent 

Buying a property, whether to live in or as an investment, can be confusing, stressful and time-consuming. This is why many buyers are now choosing to engage the services of a buyer’s agent to help make the process simpler. 

But what is the role of a buyer’s agent, and how do you know whether or not you need one? Here we answer all your questions.

 What is a buyer’s agent?

A buyer’s agent is a real estate professional who searches for suitable properties on behalf of the buyer. 

They will take the time to find out about your situation and what you are looking for in a property before conducting a search in your specified area and finding properties which are likely to appeal to you.

The role of a buyer’s agent also includes negotiating to help you get the very best deal.

Buyer’s agent services are not free; they will charge a buyer’s agent fee. However, many property buyers view this as money well spent because it can save you time and money on your actual property purchase.

Do I need a buyer’s agent?

A buyer’s agent can help with a wide range of property-buying scenarios:

First home buyers

If you’re a first-time buyer, or you’re getting parental support to buy your first home, you will probably need plenty of advice when it comes to navigating the real estate market. A buyer’s agent can provide this support and also help you and your parents negotiate a good deal on the right property.


If you are leaving your home to buy somewhere smaller after a long time out of the property market, a buyer’s agent can help you understand the current market, advise you about available properties and even help you buy off-the-plan.


A buyer’s agent can help home buyers who are upgrading find a property in the right area, at the right price, and that ticks all the boxes on your wishlist.


If you’re an ex-pat choosing to return home, a buyer’s agent can view properties and bid at auctions on your behalf, securing you the perfect home before you return.


If you are buying a property as an investment, a buyer’s agent can find you a property which fulfils all your requirements and offers sound value for money.

Why use a buyer’s agent?

There are a number of important reasons to use a buyer’s agent, whatever rung of the property ladder you are on. Here are five of the most important reasons:

1. Buyer’s agents are highly experienced

Buyer’s agents spend their time securing properties on behalf of buyers, so they have a great understanding of real estate and current market conditions. This ensures you will end up with a great property that fulfils all your specifications, without paying more than the property is worth.

2. Buyer’s agents know the neighbourhood

A good buyer’s agent will have a thorough understanding of the area where you are looking to purchase a property. They can advise you on local amenities and which are the best places to buy property, helping  to make a decision you won’t regret.

3. Buyer’s agents save you time

Property-hunting can be extremely time-consuming, particularly if you’re inexperienced or you don’t currently live in the area. It is a buyer’s agent’s job to source suitable properties for their clients. They can save you a lot of time sorting the dream homes from the duds!

4. Buyer’s agents take the emotion out of the process

Many buyers fall in love with a property; but buying a house is a serious decision which needs to be made with your head, not just your heart. A buyer’s agent does not have your emotional attachment to a property, so they will walk away if the property or the deal isn’t good enough, saving you potential trouble in the future

5. Buyer’s agents can source a wider range of properties

One of the main advantages of being a buyer’s agent is their range of contacts within the industry. Buyer’s agent marketing services can be a huge advantage for you. They can source properties which are not available on the general market. This can help you find a dream property before anyone else gets to hear about it!

If you are a property buyer and are interested in finding out more about using a buyer’s agent, please contact us and we will be happy to help you.


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