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Welcome to our very first blog. There are so many highly educated professionals in the area of real estate, who have been in the industry a lot longer than me and I very much doubt that I could write anything about property that you haven’t heard or read before. But you may have already noticed that Robin Hood Real Estate is not about being the same, probably the opposite in fact -  we are about being the difference.

I hope that our blogs, whilst real estate related, will not only be informative but also thought provoking and entertaining and will touch on the human element of real estate. While we may deal in property, without people in the marketplace, we would not have a business.

Language is what makes us uniquely human, especially written and spoken word. I am big on meanings and with word in mind, my blogs will always be based around a particular word, its definition, an explanation about how it relates to real estate and will end with a quote.

Word (noun): warrant, assurance, or promise

Many business transactions have been considered binding with a mere word, gentleman’s agreement or handshake. But real estate and property is an exception. Agreements must be in writing so there is no confusion about the validity of the dealing, the contractual obligations of both parties and more importantly ownership.

In 1858, South Australia introduced the Torrens Title system which revolutionised the method of recording and registering land ownership, not only in Australia but around the world. It is a system where land ownership occurs when the document that transfers ownership of the property is filed at the local Land Titles Office. The purpose of the Torrens Title system is to provide certainty of title to land, where once your name is on the Certificate of Title you become the owner of the property to the exclusion of all others.

There is a whole suite of legally binding documents pertaining to property, including but not limited to the Sales Agency Agreement, The Form 1 and importantly the Contract of Sale. In addition, any Offer To Purchase should always be made in writing and ideally on a Contract, so there is no confusion about your intentions. In regard to rentals, the Tenancy Application, the Management Agreement and Tenancy Agreement should always be in writing so that the rights and obligations of both parties are clear. 

But, the spoken word still has value and I truly believe that the most valuable gift we can ever give another is our word. Our word/words are a reflection of who we are. In today’s society our word is given away so flippantly, people run late with no consideration for others and too often they make promises they never intend to keep.  When we all start living into our word, all aspects of our lives will alter.

At Robin Hood Real Estate, if we say we will do it, we will and to the best of our ability. Our word is definitely our promise, which we stand behind and we can assure you that your best interests will always come first.

As Hafiz said, “The words you speak become the house you live in.” May we all build and live in fine houses.

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