Why Robin Hood?

We believe Robin Hood is symbolic of our philosophy because we take from the greedy (the real estate agency - as that's a common perception) and give to the needy. Melanie Carmody, our Founder, could have put her own name up in lights and called the company Carmody Realty or something similar, but that is not her style. Our focus is on you, your property and the community, not us. More importantly, we wanted a name that you would remember when you were stuck thinking about how you could get some serious cash to fund a worthwhile cause. When your football or netball club, kindergarten, scout group, support group or established charity require some help you can be the solution and just think of Robin Hood!

Alone we are only individuals but together we can make a real difference and we at Robin Hood Real Estate plan on doing just that. We would be honoured if you would join us.

Our Promises

  • We give generously to charity.
  • We have flexible commission structures and marketing packages to match our client’s needs.
  • We offer assistance with property preparation for sale.
  • We offer flexible landlord payment arrangements.
  • We reward exceptional tenancy.
  • We value honesty and respect.
  • We give you our word. When we say we will do it, we do.
  • YOU matter to us because even in this digital world PEOPLE are still our business.
PO BOX 161, Brighton SA 5048  RLA: 274962

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